Moktel H. Mukthi

                        MOKTEL HOSSAIN MUKTHI

Music Teacher, Singer, Music Composer, Song Writer,

Iskandhar Int’l High School,

Chandhani Magu, Male’, Republic of Maldives



I am professional & expert music teacher who is eager to teach children and would be a valuable asset to any kind of school. Having worked as a “music teacher” for 5 years, have developed excellent experience, teaching and decision making skills which could help international school achieve its goals. Moreover, I have been living in Male’, Republic of Maldives for last 9 years and have gathered knowledge on culture, language, public interests. I can match up with any working environment within a short time. I am confident of my ability to make a difference.   



Student Leader, Union Committee, Banshgari Union, Kalkini, Faridpur (1966-1970)


Organizer: Organized the young generation to join the Liberation War in 1971

Join The Liberation War: Freedom Fighter (India Trained)

Permanent Address:

Name: Md. Moktel Hossain Mukthi, Son of Late Munsi Janab Ali Mia, Village: South Akal Barish, Post & Via: Kasher Hat, P.S. Kalkini, District: Madaripur, Bangladesh.

Own Home Address:

175 Gawir Madrasa Road, Ashkokna, Dakshin Khan(Ex: Uttara PS), Dhaka 1230
Present Address:

Music Teacher, Iskandhar Int’l High School, Chandhanee Magu, Male’,

City Code: 20191

Kaafu, Republic of Maldives



BA Passed, University of Dhaka,                                                                         Dhaka, Bangladesh

1972 –1976 

Diploma in Music (Oriental)

Completed 5 years course with voice training, singing, music composing,        Dhaka, Bangladesh

Murchona Music Academy


Enlisted Singer & keyboard Player, Radio Bangladesh & BTV                           Dhaka, Bangladesh


Group Album

Mukthir Gaan (The Bangabandhu Memorial songs of Mukthi) 1 2 & 3


Mukthir Gaan 2 & 3

Songs of Freedom (Father of Bengali Nation Shahid Bangabandhu Memorial Songs)

WORK EXPERIENCE [Hong Kong, Japan & Bangladesh and Maldives]


Steno Typist    :       Ministry of Land, Government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh, Dhaka.            


Personal Assistant to the Secretary, Ministry of Land, Govt. of P. R. of Bangladesh


Personal Officer to the Honourable Minister, Ministry of Land, Govt. of P. R. of Bangladesh


Founder Principal & Voice Trainer: practical working experience in MAFA (Mukthi Academy of Fine Arts, Dhaka, BD)


Sales Assistant: T-zone Inc, World Famous Computer manufacturing Company, Akihabara Super Market, Tokyo, Japan 

1995-1996(up to July)

Music Teacher: Uttoron Music Academy, Tokyo, Japan                                         

Joint activities in Japan with Bangladesh Awami League 1993-95 2 years


Secretary to Chairman & Managing Director


Music Teacher: Male’ English School, Male’ Republic of Maldives


Music Teacher: Iskandhar School, Male’, Republic of Maldives

Special optional activities:

Awami League worldwide:

Only the leading spokesman of Bangladesh Awami League (unauthorised) in Maldives

The founder president of Bangabandhu Porisad Maldives

(You may watch this video)


  1. Ms Word, Excel, Power Point,
  2. Photoshop,
  3. CorelDRAW,
  4. web & blogging designing
  5. Software and hardware solution


Music Recording (Professional), balancing & mixing: adobe audition (cool edit pro), Acoustica Mixcraft, storm.2, sonar, Nuendu, Frutiloops.

Making MIDI files for music Track (including extracting the MIDI file to MP3 or any other formats) 

System Administration: extensive knowledge of Windows 2000/XP/Win7

Musical Instruments I play: Piano, Harmonium, accordion, Tabla (Indian), Drum, Side Drum, Keyboard, any kind of percussion.  

Raga: 10 basic raga of Indian (South Asian sub continental music)

Music Composing Experience: I have made three musical albums myself & all the songs were written by me.



Native spoken and writing skills: Bengali;

 Writing: Bengali, English & Japanese.

Spoken: Bengali, English, Urdu, Hindi, Japanese, Dhivehi (Maldivian)


Presentation, conducting cultural show, talk & musical show, voice training, makes the music track, team working, independently learning and leadership.


Visited Countries are: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Papua Guini, Macau, Micronesia, Saipan, Guam, Hong Kong China, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, West Germany, South Korea and Japan.


My blogs and websites:


What I want to say to the nation peoples?

I don't know it’s really true or not that our beloved deshratna will receive our messages and telephone. it’s my great pleasure to supporting awami league from behind and working with digital bangladesh last 35 years but no one known to me who m I? it’s very simple ordinary freedom fighter and singer who survive his with the tears for father of nation bangabandhu sheikh mujib:

Nothing I demand from awami league because it’s my own party, my mythology, my ideal philosophy but our beloved deshratna and sajeeb wajed should know who m'I? Just go through with the links what i have created last 10 years with full devotion, dedication and sincerity.

I am much interested to do something in the cyber world regarding Bangabandhu but my knowledge capacity & capabilities of investments are too limited. In 1972 somehow I have met our great leader and appealed for any kind of job when I was jobless. Bangabandhu rehabilitate me as a freedom fighter and that is my weak point of lives to remember him ever.

In the year of 1953 I came to this beautiful world while violent storm was shivering mother earth. In the month of April on the 13th which happened to be a Tuesday, I cried for the first time on my mothers’ lap and all my relatives rejoiced. It was an occasion of double happiness because my birth brought the long happy New Year along with it.

This is Mukthi, Mukthishena71, somebody called me Mokter, someone mothul, but in 1971 I have changed my name when I have joined the Liberation war as a freedom fighter. The freedom fighter of Bangladesh liberation war called Mukthi bahini / Mukthifouze / Mukthishena, just I have found the new name so no one can call me others name which is not perfect and didn’t like. I became Mukthi, Moktel Hossain Mukthi.

I’m from South Akal Barish Village, Banshgadi Union under Kalkini UpaZila of Madaripur district. I have created arround 150 blogs/websites of Bangladesh Independec, glorious victory of bengali nation, father of nation bangabandhu, war crime of 1971, rape victims, freedom fighters, deshratna sheikh hasina alongwith our dedicated leaders of bangladesh awami league. I have modified 1000 of rare images of Bangabandhu and others those you may see on and google search easily.

Basically I have sung Tagore songs in the media. Sometimes composing the music and lyricist I couldn’t anything in my life. Neither had I done anything for the people nor for my family due to my abnormality in 1975 august. Whereas, I got so many opportunity/ chances in my life that I couldn’t proper used for the people whom I loved so much. I loved father of nation Bangabandhu we couldn’t safe him & his family in 1975 being a freedom fighter that was one kind of burning fire on my heartiest chest of bottom.

I have cried a lot on the streets in 1975 for Bangabandhu even I was on the streets until midnight as a mad (I was in then PG Hospital under treatment of Dr. Hazera Mahtab (daughter of Late Dr. Ibrahim & wife of Dr. Fashiuddin Mahtab) three months. the Ministry of Land allowed my job without pay of there months salary due to my abnormality.

After liberation father of nation Bangabandhu & first Prime Minister of Bangladesh Late tajuddin Ahmed had given me a job in the ministry of land in 1972. I have worked with 11 Ministers & 9 full secretary including Abu Taher (Bangabandhu was selected him for Governor of Dhaka Division) M. Mokammel Huq, M. Keramat ALi, Golam Mostofa, jamsher Uddin Dr. Kamal Uddin Siddiqui, Md, Shahidul Alam and other so many. It is my great pleasure that I have worked with late abdur rob serniabat, Mollah Jalal, Sri Fonibhushon Majumdar, demoted Minister Mohamed Ullah (few days President of Bangladesh) I have beaten the police officer at Tejgaon Rail line in 1976 in absence of mind than finally central jail. The police beaten me whole night’s even put hot water to my face. Do you know why I have beaten that police officer? Yes, which I want to tell you that police sub inspector used slang and foul language to father of nation Shahid Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib, sheikh kamal, sheikh jamal and sheikh fazlul haque moni at that midnight while I was coming from FDC Studio. After 14 days my elder brother took out me from the custody and finally PG Hospital for mental treatment. Dr. said its not mental case, just keep him as he as wants to do.

Second thing: I was in Japan in 1992. On e day I have participated 21 February program which was arranged by Bangladesh Embassy of Tokyo, Japan. The program will be inaugurated by the Deputy High Commissioner Bangabandhu murderer Lt. Col. Rashed Choudhury instead of the High Commissioner. The ex student leader Md. Kofiluddin, Akbor, Prince, mezbah, Apu sarwar will not allow Rashed Choudhury to touch the national and black mourn flags. They made rally to protect him from the inauguration program and I was one of them to protest & postpone entire program and if killer Rashed Choudhury inaugurate the program we will not perform at the same program. High Commission called police nearby 5 hundreds of police surround us. Police commissioner came and spokes all of us, than he realized the real situation. That was an ideals decision by all of us.

More interesting some of story I’d like to tell you. Later on I was PS to Md. Noor Ali, Chairmen & Managing Director, Unique Group (1997-2001). Noor Ali was nominated by Awami League in 2001 for Nawabganj constituency. Late Agriculture Economist Shankar Goswami, President Bangladesh Student League (former APS to HPM AFM Bahauddin Nasim was the Secretary General of GOSWAMI NASIM COUNCIL) was political secretary. Late Shankar dada and I lead the entire election campaign at Nawabganj in 2001. I have written 10 songs for that election and published an album in favor of BOATS & NOOR ALI. You know 2001 National Assembly Election was engineering by the army and CIA PISI so Awami league failure to get the power.

Meanwhile, all the leaders are looking for their future position; the party is totally out of control, out of rules/resolutions & not united actively, constructively on the grassroots level, which will look after? Don’t know who will takecare of the party? Don’t know those are really dedicated they're in out of the cabinet. She is trying to solve the problem other than new cabinet members are little deference.

Thereafter, it was very sad heart paining story. Some of miscreants suddenly had attacked to Unique Group to heats NOOR ALI but he was in out only they found some of staffs and me. They hits me, kicks me as the human people some times beating the animals. They took my hair from my foreheads’. I apologized for my campaign, album & supporting Awami league. I said forgive me, I beg pardon as a freedom fighter to them. Leave me the country, I will never come and never sing any songs of Bangabandhu & Awami league. Everything i have reported to present Finance Minister and other but no response properly and those miscreants had hurt me still their in Gulshan Banani area. Being a freedom fighter I want justice. I want a major punishment of OC Nassir who was in Gulshan PS in 2002. Still I don't know is he in job or not?

No more dear friends ……………The memorial music album of Bangabandhu “mukthir gaan” 1 2 & 3 you may listen on:

my all the modified images of father of nation and deshratna including rajakar will be available on

Creation of mukthi

The memorial music album of Bangabandhu “mukthir gaan” 1 2 & 3 you may listen on


i don’t some of my own blogs address



The memorial music album of Bangabandhu “mukthir gaan” 1 2 & 3 you may listen on:




Exactly what am I expecting from Awami League Govt?

  1. PC with all the accessories including dynamic system of updated media software;
  2. Keyboard/Organ (professional);
  3. I’ll open an institution of Bengali culture where we can start info/publicity & media activities including electoral campaign of Awami league;
  4. If i can have these much facilities from Awami league I can able to stay in Bangladesh;



(Also I’m thinking to submit the paper for Parliamentarian Election as Independent Candidate for Madaripur3; because peoples are suffering for honest leadership in Kalkini, Madaripur; )